Flying the peanut skies


august 6th
We’ve arrived!
Beautiful city from what I could glean of the drive from the airport.
Most peanut-y peanut free flight I’ve ever flown. Southwest was wonderful about not passing around peanut refreshments, but the family behind me went through four hours of P&J sandwiches, and the poor kid hurled the load of them in the last 15 minutes. Did Karma cackle?

Sweet little children in front of us offered Z their candy quite a few times, despite their vey diligent parents’ reminders about the little peanut allergic girl behind them. Didn’t really feel it was necessary to go into detail about the others.
Z stayed cheerful throughout, though she tore into her skin and popped hives every couple seconds and loved playing with the two friends in front of her.
Never have I wished for Benadryl more, but we are avoiding for upcoming allergy testing.
We escaped relatively unscathed and the word is still not out on whether it was the peanuts or the dog-in-a-bag, also in our aisle,that caused such a flare.

The Ronald McDonald House is unbelievable, and I can’t wait to write more when we’ve been here for more than an hour.

We check in at NJH 8:30 am tomorrow, thank God!


6 responses to “Flying the peanut skies

  1. i’m going to write SW airlines to thank them! i never know- how great. and sooo glad you were able to get into the ronald mcdonald house. i love you and am thinking about you and zoey as you journey through this. remember your own self care as you give zoey everything you have.

  2. Can you give me info on how you got into the Ronald McDonald house? We are just beginning the process of applying for the program at National Jewish Hospital for my 2 year old son.

    • Hi Jessica,
      Technically, you need to call the morning you plan to check in at 9am Denver time. There are no reservations before that day which caused a bit of anxiety for me, but remember there are two potential RMH sites. If one is full, the other will likely be available. Even if they are not available for the first or second day, call each day after to try to get in. I’ve never heard of both being full at once, and absolutely not the entire time. I booked another hotel nearby (a refundable one) for 4 days just in case that happened. Here is the info for the Denver and Aurora Ronald McDonald houses:
      Denver Ronald McDonald House
      1300 E. 21st Ave., Denver, CO 80205
      one mile east of downtown Denver

      Aurora Ronald McDonald House
      932 Potomac Circle, Aurora, CO 80011
      just west of I-225, between Colfax & 6th Avenue

      I’ll email you an extensive list of grocery stores, potential hotels and other things if you are interested. You are doing the right thing! And I, along with all the eczema parents are here to help you with any questions you might have.

      • Stephanie,
        I would love to have any information you can give me. Grocery stores, hotels, and anything else would be wonderful! I feel like this is moving very quickly, but at the same time, I am anxious to get him there! Do you have my email through the site?

  3. Hi! I’ve found your site while I’m planning our trip to NJH in April. Could you please send me anything that would be helpful? Also, it sounds like quite a few people have stayed at RMH the night before they begin the program, did you talk to someone before hand or just call & ask the day you flew in? I’m very anxious about our out-of-pocket expenses for this trip. Also, my son has SEVERE anxiety…he is in occupational therapy for water therapy bc he won’t even wash his hands. I’m so terrified he will get kicked out over his refusal to bathe. Can we bring toys/distractions? Can a parent get in with the child? So.many.questions!

    • Hi Stephanie. I’ll email you with a list of lodging options, including the two RMH houses (Denver and Aurora). The list also has local resources like grocery stores. To stay at RMH, they have you call the morning you plan to check in to see if there is available space, so it’s best to have a back up hotel reservation for the first few days. If there is no space the first day, you can call each morning to see if there is space available. Numbers for both houses will be on that list. On anxiety, my daughter had very severe anxiety about water as well (probably started because water was so painful on the skin and grew into anxiety). That’s where the experienced nurses need to come in-communicate this to everyone when you get there and stress that you want intervention for the first bath. That includes the whole amazing team of clinical social worker, child life specialist and nurse. Your child WILL NOT get kicked out for refusing. Zoey screamed (SCREAMED) her refusal through the first couple baths. The thing is, that’s why NJH is so great-because there is this team of people ready to work with (and I stress work with-they won’t force through) all the emotional, social AND medical issues related to the condition. Because you and I both know that the skin is not the only organ system affected. Yes, definitely bring any toys or distractions that may help. I will email my phone number and am happy to answer any question you have. I clearly remember the anxiety I felt when preparing to go to NJH.

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