Day 2, Thursday

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Ativan given to Z the first night we were there, really affected her adversely and Z was quite sick and ornery the next morning. The show went on and we jumped in the bath, hoping to repair some of the damage done during the night. We had blood draws ( no need to elaborate) more wet wraps and evaluations by specialists.

To be honest, day 2 (Thursday) was so much of a blur from lack of sleep and constant screaming fits by Z that I can hardly recall much except the wonderful moment Garland arrived at Ronald McDonald house. Z was so happy to see her Dad and has been glued to him since she saw him. If anyone is planning to go to NJH, don’t do it alone the entire time. There is an immense support system in place but you will need more.
Thank you Caroline, my wonderful, beautiful sister for that gift.



5 responses to “Day 2, Thursday

  1. So glad there is a good support team there for you, and hopefully Garland gets to stay for the the entire time!!! Please give Zoey hugs from me and good luck!

  2. Sending lots of love and support your way! So glad that Garland is able to be there too and hope that each day gets a little easier and a little less sleep deprived. Sounds like the nurses, doctors, and specialists really get it and are there for you. Thinking of you everday and love you!

  3. i was so sad to read the reaction from ativan! (and a little mad at the doctor:( but you are such a strong mom, and i know that zoey having you by her side makes all the difference. remember, you have the strength inside you that you will need for each of these moments. with garland there, sleep, eat, and gather the energy for the next week. i love you and have been thinking of you both each day. hang in there-remember from the other blogs, first three days seem to be the toughest!

    • Yes I was mad about the Ativan too. Apparently most kids tolerate it really well but everyone on the team who I’ve seen since brings it up and knows, which makes me feel good because I feel like they are all really communicating. They know now that Zoey is not to be given any oral meds, ever. I guess everyone’s body chemistry is different. She’s sleeping better and better each day, calmer and closer to her old self I guess as the medication is flushed out.

  4. I’m still praying and lighting candles for you both. I have your birthday gift. I’m still working on it. It isn’t finished yet. I hope you like it

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