Saturday and Sunday (break days)


The blessed weekend is here, and though we need to continue the treatment we’ve learned so far ( all by ourselves-eek) they give you the weekend to relax.
We woke at 6 am to long news that Garland’s father was in surgery receiving a long awaited lung transplant. It’s very difficult to be away when this is happening. So far everything is going well, but I can’t imagine how much stressful this morning is for Garland.
We got Zin the bath before coffee, which I won’t do again. However getting this in early gave us a chance to make the most of our plans for the Denver zoo in this perfect weather. After soaking for 20 minutes, we slather and wrap ( wet pajamas, wet tube socks on hands and feet, wet gauze wrap around the head and face covered with a second layer of dry pajamas, tube socks etc.) the wraps need to stay on for at least 2 hours. We wandered around the Ronald McDonald House playrooms, lounged in the solarium with stunning views of the mountains and ate breakfast.

We were able to get into the Denver Zoo for free with our Ronald McDonald passes and like any kid, she loved it.
We came back, did our mid-day bath and only had to do the face wet wrap, which is still somewhat of a struggle, but my dexterity with the gauze is getting better.
Z naps in her wraps pretty well, which helps because it’s hard to limit her movement so much when she was awake.
When we woke up there were river dancers performing in the kitchen area for the guests. Z is a huge fan of Brave ( and the character Merida’s hair) and she was in heaven watching the pretty girls in all their bedazzled wonder with bouncy corkscrew curls,skipping to “Brave music”.
During a Q& A, Z told them that she was one of the uncrowned kings of Ireland (long story) and she should be dancing. They brought her up and had her skipping in a circle to music. Thank you Moriarty-Moffet School of Irish dance for making Z feel so happy she was bursting.
Later we took a drive to a vista point on lookout mountain. Everything here is unbelievably beautiful and we’re grateful to get a break from the hospital days in a city like this.
Her skin is looking really great! My baby’s skin has never looked like this.
This morning’s bath went relatively well, (only about 4 seconds of high pitched protests!) thanks to my lemonade chart. Sticker charts are all well and good, but there is nothing like liquid sugar bribes when you need a bit of compliance. Each bath and wet wrap without screaming gets closer to the top.

We made our way to the Denver Aquarium after the wrap and will sleep, catch up on laundry, take baths and try to forget that Garland heads back home tomorrow as we head back to the hospital for day 4.



3 responses to “Saturday and Sunday (break days)

  1. Yay!! Glad you are getting some fun time and love the picture in front of fish, Zoey looks like she is having alot of fun, and glad this process is working!!! : }

  2. So happy you guys got to experience Denver! The vistas, zoo and aquarium! I can imagine how impt with everything that has occurred over last few days to have that time together just enjoying life. We will be thinking and praying for garlands dad and I am so glad the transplant came through!! Good luck tomorrow with what may come and we are hanging on each post that comes through! Thanks for keeping us updated! Love u

  3. So glad that you were able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House with everything that it had to offer in the way of supporting everyone’s stay there in special ways that you have described. Really good that you guys had this weekend all being together, just to do some fun things to let down and build up strength for what you need for the next few days. We have been following all of your post’s for each of the day’s events. Know that You guys are in our daily thoughts and prayers as well as Garland’s dad, Charlie for the best outcome. Thank you for letting us share each day experience with you while you are there.
    Love you,

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