Day 5 ( Tuesday)

Zoey’s skin is in such great shape lately, that Dr. Leung said we only need one bath/wrap aat night now. We slept to a luxurious 7am this morning and meandered in at a lazy 9 am.
We met with Nurse Amy ,Dr. Leung and Dr. Lanser and discussed remaining food challenges.
He said we could pick more tree nuts like pistachio or pecan, or move to baked milk and baked egg. I chose baked egg and baked milk because they are the biggest unknowns, and most likely found in foods.
If she reacts to any food they may administer an antihistamine, meaning an end to food challenges until Friday.
Before the food challenge, the actual muffin to be used in the challenge containing the baked egg is extracted and pricked on Zoey’s skin. She did react with a considerable wheel, but the head allergist decided to go ahead with the test to confirm, since it’s unknown whether Zoey has ever ingested egg. I agreed.
They started with .2 grams of the muffin. This is not .2 grams of baked egg, this is .2 grams of the muffin and all of it’s ingredients ( verified safe rice flour, soy milk, etc) including egg.
Literally a crumb.

Zoey was very excited about eating a muffin and disappointed it was so small.
She gobbled it right up and was fine for approximately 15 seconds before she started coughing. Her upper lip swelled and she was clicking her throat, but was fine 15 minutes after a dose of Benadryl. She was immediately monitored by Dr. Lanser and Nurse Amy and under observation for 2 hrs following the reaction. We called it a day and came back to Ronald McDonald House to play.



6 responses to “Day 5 ( Tuesday)

  1. I know how hard that must have been to see, and to try; although it wasn’t what you were hoping being able to know for sure is its own measure if success. Awesome to hear how great the eczema is healing! She looks so happy in that playground:)

  2. Caroline brings up a good point about the success in knowing true allergens from suspected. I’m sorry she had a reaction but glad it was able to be put at bay with Benedryl. Her skin really does look amazingly clear and strong in recent pictures! Hoping for more good days, love you!

  3. It’s crazy to hear about the food challenge today. It sounds like Zoey is extremely brave and so are you. I think it’s awesome to be able to have definite answers that you can rely on and no longer wonder – even if its just for a few important foods. You can take comfort in knowing. I am so happy that she is getting this experience. You and Garland are AWESOME parents ❤

  4. It sounds like Zoey, you and the whole medical team are doing such a great job every step of the way and working in tandem with the food challenges!! Wow, there’s been so much information about all of this that you guys have learned so far that will make such a difference. Thoughts and prayers for you for next few days for good outcomes!

  5. Sorry the test didn’t go well, hopefully the rest of the of the food challenges will go better. but since they could control it with Benadryl and when she licked the spoon with egg and you had to use Epi and hospital, does that mean her levels have gone down to the egg allergy? Stay postive and Megan is right you guys are awesome!!!

    • Thanks for mentioning the Benadryl thing, which actually felt weird that they used at all. We should always use the epi in a reaction like that. Egg actually looked scarier than other reactions. The coughing and scratching voice, holding the throat. I’m used to redness and hives! Thank you for being there with us! She instantly shined to anyone named Jen because of you, in case it wasn’t obvious in the posts.

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