First flare


Zoey is happy to be among her scooter and other toys again and hasn’t noticed the absence of the stuffed ones. Legos have been the best recommendation for keeping her hands busy and engaged. I can’t believe I was never into these addictive little things as a kid, but psyched to have an excuse to make up for lost time.

Yesterday we had our first post-NJH flare behind the knee. The placement or size of the flare doesn’t really concern me. Behind the knee is normal people eczema. What concerns me is that we are still living inside our bubble and her legs have been completely covered since leaving Denver. Is this rebound from lack of use of the steroid cream ( mild fluticisone) since 3 days ago? Did I “step down” incorrectly, or off schedule? Did I not sufficiently moisturizer in the morning after removing night wet wraps? All other areas are beautiful and gleaming with Cetaphil Restoraderm throughout the day, and heavy Vanicream after 1x a day bath, under wet wraps.
We did a full wet wrap after the bath (not needed, but just in case the rest of her body feels like surprising me overnight) and will apply mild steroid for two days there.
When we woke this morning angry red patch behind the knee is gone.
That’s a record.

Best guess on the trigger are the allergens stirred up by super house cleaning efforts just before we arrived home. I”m thrilled that taming the itch involves less guesswork, and more approach these days.


3 responses to “First flare

    • They (Dr. Leung)did, though the filaggrin test ( or gene for lack thereof) results aren’t in. I used it the last couple days between wet wraps for maintenance at NJH and it’s worked beautifully on face, hands etc. so far and less heavy than Vanicream, which I still use under wraps. The flare was behind the knee. There is no macadamia nut oil in this Cetaphil lotion, in case that is a concern.

  1. It sounds like so many questions come up as new or old scenarios produce different reactions and different results based on your new interventions. But I know you have been been tracking and studying this piece by piece and I think njh was like detective academy!

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