Out of the bubble and into the woods

First day out of our allergen-free bubble.

Hauled Zoey to daycare along with my new care plan (courtesy of NJH) tub o’ Vanicream, pile of washcloths, change of clothes, lunch, snack, 1/2 gallon of soy milk, nap sheet and blanket washed in our detergent.

I was able to spend almost an hour with her teacher Heather, explaining what we are doing at home and how we can mitigate the effects of unavoidable allergens with washing, wetting and moisturizing.

I really struggle in my attempts to communicate clear and completed instructions, without over complicating.

Thankfully, Heather is a great teacher and our daycare provider has worked as relentlessly as we have for years chasing the itch pre-NJH.
As I was talking with her teacher, Zoey started flaring with an additional hive or two as soon as she hugged her best friend. This was a good opportunity to show her teacher how I use the washcloth and lotion, and how quickly she un-flares.

I picked Zoey up a couple hours later and spoke with her teacher. She told me the primary triggers today came from her best friend, despite their best efforts to keep the hugfest to a minimum. Her friend has a couple of dogs and it was likely the dog hair.  Her teacher was happy that the soak and seal (wet washcloth followed by lotion) regimen was so effective after each mini-flare. Big relief for me too.

Zoey did look pretty flared by the time I got a good look at her at home which was unnerving.

Shortly after arriving home from daycare.

Shortly after arriving home from daycare.

She also had a slight wheeze so I gave her a puff of her rescue inhaler, changed her clothes, wet her face with a washcloth and applied Vanicream.  Within an hour her skin was calming down.

The post-daycare flare is calming one hour later.

Back to a full on wet wrap tonight.
Her hands are my litmus, and there was nary a scrape on her fingers.


5 responses to “Out of the bubble and into the woods

  1. Happy first day back to school! It sounds like heather was open and receptive to all that you have learned; what a great place. I wonder if you could share this blog with her? She would understand on such a deeper level as I think I have begun to through reading your posts. Love to you and my zoey:)

    • I did share it with her and hopes she reads so she can know what an immense difference her efforts have done for Zoey and our family. Nervous wreck as we transition to a new classroom on Thursday, with new classmates and teachers.

  2. Zoey is gorgeous! Stephanie, you are an amazing Mom with awesome strength! My family and I are cheering for you all. Thank you for sharing this with me , and now my kids…we are so touched! 🙂

  3. I was wondering how it would go when she went back, she still looks great though!! I am sure everyone at LLS will support this new plan for her, and get her routine down with the flare-ups. Agree with Sheree above–your an amazing mom and dad!!

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