We don’t miss the misery


The first 3 days back to Zoey’s regular classroom were wonderful and without incident thanks to Ms Heather.

On Thursday Zoey transitioned to a new class, with new teachers and students within the daycare center.
As I closed the classroom door and left Zoey for her first day, I felt ill, wondering how stress (TRIGGER) of a new environment, eating around new kids who aren’t familiar with her allergies (TRIGGER), teachers newly tasked with recognizing the nuanced changes in skin and jumping on top of it to soak and seal(TRIGGER), might affect her.

I dreamed up every food allergy/eczema trigger scenario possible while I tried to work. Food fight, MRSA, cookie hidden in the pocket passed along as a token of newly minted friendship, pink eye, misplaced epi-pen, spilled milk, rhino virus, , unwashed hands before applying lotion,. These were among the tamer thoughts racing through my head.

I readied myself for a red, hot, itchy mess when I stopped by the daycare a couple hours later to drop off the tube socks Zoey to wears on her hands during her nap, a barrier against her unconscious and habitual itching while she sleeps. She did redden up pretty good while playing outside, but she was not itching. The teachers brought her inside, changed her clothes, wet her skin and moisturized. They told me she was really excited about all the new toys and was making new friends.

I picked Zoey up to take her home for the day a couple hours after that, and she was clear with no redness, was told by her teachers she didn’t itch once (RECORD), cheerful and felt pretty good about her day considering she was so anxious about her new class earlier this week. She asked to listen to “tough music” and requested Halestorm’s I Miss The Misery.

This was the first time in months Zoey made it through a full 4-day stint in daycare without needing to come home early due to intense itching.

We joyfully rocked out.



5 responses to “We don’t miss the misery

  1. That must of felt so good to you with having her go for 4 full days with a new class of kids and get through it all without any intense itching and incidents! So great to have some teachers involved enough to change her clothes, wet her skin and moisturized it.
    I’m glad that you’re seeing the benefits of all your care from what you learned from all of the medical staff at NJH!

  2. Oh Steph!! This is so great, I am so happy to hear about her first week going so well. That is always the hardest for everyone. It sounds like she has incredible, caring and nurturing teachers. Send my love to them!!

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