Super Dad


This week I was traveling for work.

While I was living it up in New York City, eating all of the restricted foods at least 3 times a day (egg, milk, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame and garlic) using scented lotions made with nut oils and whey, petting every animal that will let me come close, Garland was home wrangling our daughter.

Aside from all the typical chaos involved in caring for any 4 yr old, he had the additional challenges of making sure there is safe, allergen-free food prepared and packed for school, wet wrapping, unwrapping and maintaining the skin between. It’s not an easy feat when we’re working in tandem and an extremely difficult solo act.

So this week I’ll be interviewing Super Dad, Garland, to review post-NJH management of Zoey’s atopic dermatitis, food allergies and asthma.

Q. How does Zoey’s skin look today, at the end of the week.
A. Very good.

Q. Did Zoey’s skin flare this week? Triggers?
A. She has flared when she is mad at me. ( trigger: stress) She has been getting very red faced and hot when playing outside and during Tae Kwon Do.(trigger: heat and allergens) Once she has rested in a cool place her flare goes away. Wondering why her skin is so intolerant to heat lately. As we were leaving school one day, she hugged some of her friends who have pets at home and got splotchy but did not itch.(trigger:allergens) She stayed this way until her bath later that evening.

Q. What measures did you take to calm the flare?
A. Wet washcloth followed by moisturizer.

Q.How long did these measures take to clear it up?
A. Ten to twenty minutes. Nothing lasted more than an hour at most and we were able to continue the taper down to no steroids and just lotion after the daily baths.

Q. Are you ready for my next work related travel trip?
A. No comment.



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